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2009-08-31 12:21:08 by Vantious

i need some ideas on what to make flash films of.


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2009-08-31 13:45:43

Ok here is an idea! Make a maddness animation of your own!!!!! People Fucking Kill for maddness animations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... OR, OR, Make fun of "Naruto"! I bet if you make a flash about Naruto you'll get 10,000 nerds that kill for the show askin for more! How do I know! I,ve seen what they'll do for Naruto jokes!!!!!!! And trust me. It HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try it you'll see!


2009-09-06 13:02:20

BMX! make one of pictures of bmxs maybe. with 360 view.. and some tits